Geyser's Green Features

Geysers' floor plates are divided into five individual sub-buildings set around a system of atriums with pedestrian linkages. This maximises natural daylight penetration into, and exterior views out from, the majority of the spaces.

Each 'sub building' is wrapped in a dynamic 3-dimensional semi-reflective white twin walled façade. This technology creates natural heating and cooling ventilation by way of thermal currents rising up through the void spaces between the two walls.

It naturally heats each building by trapping warm air between the two walls in the winter, significantly minimizing heat losses overnight and 'pre-warming' outside air during the day.

In the hottest months the entire outer skin opens electronically to fully ventilate the cavity by creating cross convection currents from the cooler Southern elevations of the buildings.

The building will have its own rainwater harvesting system to store and supply water to low flush toilets and irrigation systems, and low flow sanitary fixtures are specified throughout the development.

The development encourages tenants and visitors to either cycle or walk with the provision of showers and lockers at car park level and visitor cycle park spaces at Plaza level. 25% of the car parking spaces in the automated stacker car park are nominated only for small cars. The development is also located very near the proposed Parnell train station and CBD public transport network.

Find out more about the New Zealand Green Building Council's Green Star rating system.